Five Favorite Round Dining Tables

We love round dining tables, mainly because they are cozy and pretty. People say round tables make for more intimate conversation, but we don't think that's the case. It's not like you can't have an intimate conversation with a square table or a rectangular table!

At any rate, we think round tables are sexier and they fit better in a small room or a kitchen nook. Here are five of our favorites:

This one is a perential classic. It is called a Versailled Pedestal table and it's from Nichols & Stone.
This one is made of solid iron. It's from Noir.
This one has a stone base with a top that can be custom-finished. It's from Hickory Chair.
We love this one. It's from Oly Studio. We sell tons of these. It's fabulous in a black glossy finish. It's from Noir. If you need pricing information for any of the above, drop us a line.

Check our post on some fabulous dining chairs that you can use with these tables.


Englander Line said...

I was actually looking for handcrafted round dining tables in London to perfectly fit my semi circular dining room that as fairly big enough in size and to my surprise I found exactly the type of wooden dining table that I was looking for at one of the leading furniture stores in London. The furniture that I picked up was decently priced and it did not create a big dent in my pocket. The table was full hand carved and hand
polished as there was again the option of distressed paint but I opted for the one which had hand polishing and beautiful ornamental design. It was certainly a
gorgeous piece of furniture.

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